What is Artificial Intelligence and why is it important?

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

You have definitely heard about Artificial Intelligence right? What is AI? and How is it used? this kind of donuts comes in right? In this I am clearing all your doubts about AI (Artificial Intelligence). also we see how this is our feature lets strat.

AI we are using daily in our life in the form of software applications like google assistant, Facebook, Alexa, Siri, etc. This application includes artificial intelligence.

Now you are thinking how assistance recognizes your voice and whenever you like one post on Facebook and again you open you will see similar posts come. AI is used behind this.

In this universe only humans can have power to think and make the right decisions using our most intelligent brain.

In technology, we are growing at light speed. We have invented a lot of things in technology like the internet, computers, laptops, etc. Now we are moving to create machines that can work themselves and think like humans. That is artificial intelligence.

Most people don’t know about AI in this article. I am going to explain to you in detail how AI works and what are advantages and disadvantages of it and how our future depends on it. We will discuss this on our babupn.com website.

AI is created and built by the same algorithms that are defined by computer science scientists and computer engineers are focusing on developing AI to work and think itself. Algorithms used in AI are tools that machines can improve their worker’s day by day and productivity.

In computer science Artificial Intelligence is also called Machine learning.(machine learning course) This is a part of AI.in this machine can learn itself by working certain work and improve the working capability itself. The common programming language used in AI is python.

Small history of Artificial Intelligence.

This AI concept is thought for machines work and thinks itself no human operator is needed to control machines. AI concept in first taken by “John McCarthy ” In 1955 this was announced in 1956 publicly.

John McCarthy
John McCarthy

John McCarthy is the father of Artificial Intelligence.

This is not a new thing, it is coming from the 15th century and now it is very fast developing for that AI in trend. If you are thinking Artificial Intelligence is a feature you are wrong, this is present and we are using AI in daily life. In Hali investors are highly investing in AI development companies so now we have a lot of AI applications and products.

Some popular AI products and software applications we are using in present life.

  • As you all know the apple phone that Siri is the best example for AI that recognizes our voice and responds to it, not only this google assistant, Alexa, echo, windows Cortana, etc..
  • Google company uses AI in their lot of applications one of this google maps in maps we can see how AI works this application tracks our location and find the best and short root for us.
  • Automobile companies are also using AI. As you know, Tesla has a lot of AI features. Auto driving is one of them.
  • In industries like car manufacturing all machines are working fully automated and fast.

Advantages of AI

+ Making decisions very fast, working speed and less time consumption.

+ Error free and more perfect in work.

+ Productive and long working time.

Disadvantages of AI
AI is helpful to humans that cannot be decided clearly.
AI components & materials are very expensive.
Technology expects that an analyzed machine or robots will think we are right and humans are wrong so they can harm us. This is a meager disadvantage.
Unemployment percentage will increase using AI machines in industries.
Now also there is no fund on how we can control AI robots completely.

But one thing humans have created is this technology and they only find one day how we can control AI robots.

We are funded by how fire can use and control it, like that now we should use AI in the right place.

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